Claire Sanders

Director of Operations

Claire found herself gravitating towards the kitchen in middle school, while watching Emril with her dad or completing their own own version of a Chopped Challenge with the odds and ends that were in their home kitchen. In high school she began competing in culinary and foodservice management competitions in her home state of Wisconsin and beyond. 

A trained chef, Claire received her formal education at The Culinary Institute of America where she majored in Applied Food Studies as well as Baking & Pastry Arts. Claire has since spent her time as a pastry chef and dining room manager, assisting in opening up a handful of restaurants throughout the country. 

Claire left the restaurant world to begin her endeavor teaching kids cooking classes - and quickly couldn’t imagine her life any other way. Seeing the excitement these kids share for cooking and baking reminds her of the joy being in the kitchen brought her when she was their age. The skills they are learning encourage them to make healthy choices, gain independence, and expand their palettes all at the same time. She is so excited to continue educating children in the kitchen with this venture!