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Junior Chefs Kitchen provides hands-on cooking classes infused with nutrition education for children 2-18 in our Lincoln Park, Chicago based studio. Our services offer in-person classes, birthday parties, summer camp, and after-school programs.

We believe in enriching young lives through an adventure in culinary and nutrition education. Our curriculum is developed and approved by a Registered Dietitian and focuses on nourishment and educating our youth on the nutritional benefits of whole foods while fostering independence, confidence, leadership and positive healthy habits.

Why Junior Chefs Kitchen?

  • Registered Dietitian approved curriculum focused on healthy, yet non-restrictive nourishment and educating our youth on the essential life skills of cooking and nutrition knowledge. Classes foster independence, confidence, leadership and proactive healthy habits.
  • We incorporate our Give Back philosophy into our everyday practice and partner with local schools for broad socioeconomic reach.
  • Junior Chefs Kitchen focuses on environmentally-sound sustainability including sourcing local ingredients and promoting sustainable kitchen practices like composting, recycling & utilizing reusable materials.


Our monthly membership package for $145 includes:

  • Weekly 1-hour classes with Free Make-up classes & flexible schedules
  • Digital content: recipe repository & nutritional information
  • Free monthly date night  Register Here!
  • 10:1 Maximum Student Teacher Ratio
  • Cancel Anytime

Sign up before January 31st to receive a membership rate of $125 for life, a Birthday Party discount of $100 off & an exclusive Junior Chefs Kitchen kid-sized apron.


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