Date Night

What is Junior Chefs Kitchen Date Night?

The first Friday of each month parents can enjoy a night out while kids enjoy two and a half hours in a safe, worry-free environment where we will not only take care of the babysitting, but also provide dinner and some well needed chill time to transition into the weekend.

Welcome to the best babysitter you never knew about!

We know first hand how important it is to reconnect with your partner, get some adult time and be able to finish a sentence (and maybe even a thought!) without the interruptions of your child. 

As part of your Junior Chefs Membership, you get access to one Date Night per month on us! What?!

The first Friday of each month, we’ll open up our studio from 5:00 -7:30pm for an evening packed with adventure that will leave your child with a full belly and ready for bed. We’ll cook dinner, maybe dessert and snuggle up for a movie night or other fun activities. Come in your pajamas so bedtime is a breeze - just brush their teeth, maybe read a book and lights out! We can’t promise they won’t get a little messy, but we can promise a safe, worry-free and fun environment. Free Babysitting?! Sign up now!

Please note there are some minor restrictions, like first come first served reservations, and you must have an active membership in place to reserve a spot. Additionally, we do require them to be fully independent in the restroom and potty-trained.

What if you have more than one child, but only one child is considered a member? No worries, we are here to help. For $20 per additional child, we’ll take them off your hands and make scheduling date night a breeze!

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