Niki Cordell

Owner & Founder

Sitting at her kitchen island growing up, doing homework while her Dad cooked dinner - enchiladas, open faced turkey sandwiches, breakfast for dinner. Nothing elaborate, but it’s these warm memories of her late father that has instilled a love of meal time with her own family. 

A mother of three (Olivia 8, Grayson 6, Lenny 4) and proud wife, all Niki’s life experiences have led her here.  She has spent her career in retail real estate and currently works in financial tech. Having sold a small business, she was looking for something to take everything she learned and apply it to a new venture. Junior Chefs Kitchen was born from Niki’s love of children (not just her own!), as well as learning about nutrition, cooking with her family and the conversations around the dinner table. 

We hope you and your family enjoy your adventure at Junior Chefs Kitchen!