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October 5, 2023

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Just one of our membership perks! Welcome to the best babysitter you never knew about!

What To Know:

  • The first Friday of each month parents can enjoy a night out - for Free!
  • Kids enjoy 2.5 hours in a safe, worry-free environment (5-7:30 PM)
  • Dinner and some well needed chill time are provided as kids transition into the weekend ahead
  • As part of your Junior Chefs Membership, you get access to one Date Night per month on us. Literally, the best babysitter! 

Have more than one child, but only one of them is a Junior Chefs Member? No worries, we are here to help. For $20 per additional child, we'll take them off your hands and make scheduling date night a breeze! Check out the link below!

Parent Testimonial

You heard it here first

“My son had a blast with Junior Chefs Kitchen. Niki, Claire and Agartha did an awesome job keeping him engaged and excited every week. he was so proud to tell us the different ingredient he used and bring home his creations to share with everyone.”

About Town

Werewolf Coffee

Neighborhood: Ranch Triangle

Address: 1765 N Elston Avenue, Chicago

Hours: 7:00-2:00 PM Monday-Friday

8:00-2:00 PM Saturday


About: The agnostic coffee shop with glittery lattes and brews from Hexe & Dark Matter, to name a few.

Why We Love It: Fun specialty drinks like Bridgerton & Midnight Bonfire Lattes, an old truck with cold brew on tap, and locally roasted beans. Founder Jess is also a mom who runs the popular Windy City Mama IG Account. 

Visit their site for more information: